Where can I access the expired domain list?

You can access the list here.

Can you help me choose the right domains?

Yes, we’d be glad to help you find the best expired domain. Here’s what our team can do for you:

  • Find domains in your exact market and niche;
  • Save you time in navigating the list;
  • Answer questions about domains, TLDs, transfers, and more.

Contact us for inquiries and support!

Do you sell expired domains or domains from auctions?

Google sees most auctioned domains, such as the ones from Dropcatch.com or Snapnames auctions, as expired ones, and vice versa. If you rephrase the question accurately – “Does Google know that the domain expired and changed owners?”, the answer is no, not for 90% of our domains. Complete WHOIS privacy is one of the most substantial advantages of ccTLD domains.

Are these domains already registered?

Yes, all our expired domains for sale are already registered with us. This benefits you as a client in many ways:

  • Guaranteed domain transfer and management;
  • TLD know-how.

Are there any restrictions on the domains you sell?

The fact that we bought the name in the first place guarantees there is an excellent way to register and manage the domain. Have no worries. No matter how messy the TLD seems – we know the best way to transfer, register and manage it.

What tools to use to check the quality of the domain?

The most important ones are:

  • Google “site:” operator to check the index;
  • Archive.org to see the domain’s history;
  • Ahrefs or Semrush to inspect the backlinks, anchors, and backlink history.

How to buy a domain from Authority.Domains?

To buy a domain, send an email to martins@authority.domains

What payment options do you offer?

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc)

Can you send the invoice in advance?

Yes, we can send the invoice in advance after you send us your company details including VAT number if any. Send email to martins@authority.domains

How do domain transfers work?

The domains will be pushed to your accounts at the best possible registrars. We’ll provide all the help needed for this process, there is nothing complicated and most won’t require any action from your side. Some transfers, like .com transfers, are paid because they include a period extension.

How long do domain transfers take?

Transfers and pushes are done in most cases in a couple of hours. Some transfers can take up to 5 days, but this is rare. If the transfer isn’t finalized after we release a domain or give you an authorisation code, it’s never a bad idea to contact your registrar support for help.

How does the transfer of domains that require an EU holder work?

You can keep the current holder (nothing is visible in Whois anyway). If you are prompted for an ID number, we’ll provide it.

How are the domains transferred?

Most common domains like .com, .co.uk, etc. can be easily transferred around to your favorite registrar. Some less-known TLDs better be pushed in the registrar where they are currently, which is the best one. Creating a new account is easy, but solving transfer issues to a wrong registrar can be a nightmare.

How often is the domain list updated?

The list gets updated frequently. Whenever there are any changes.

We also publish freshly caught domains on Twitter.

How do you give evaluate a domain and put a price tag to it?

We take into consideration the following factors:

  • Name – the vast majority of value among all existing domains is in the name itself. Voice.com was sold for 30 million USD last year and it was not because of the links.
  • Traffic (all sources, not just Google) – we randomly got a domain with 2 referring domains and zero Google traffic that turned out to be a typo of a popular local website in a high CPC niche. Parking revenue in 2 years was $20000+. It’s very hard to get good traffic domains under the market price (harder than domains with links for sure).
  • SEO value – it’s more than metrics and no one can tell you what it is without seeing the exact domain. Many domains tend to have SEO value but it’s typically low (about the number of referring domains in $ is a very crude average for the average quality of links). Domains with high-quality links, clean history, and lucrative niches can cost many times more.

Were any of the domains in your list used as a PBN?

While we do our best to check everything, with such volume the best advice we can give is to also check the domains yourself. Different buyers have different criteria and some niches (Gambling, Adult) can tolerate much more spam than others.

95% of the domains are indexed in Google and for sure do not have a Google penalty. For the past we cannot fully guarantee as there were previous owners, etc. but we try to buy clean ones only. We’ll refund a domain with a “pure spam” penalty at the moment of purchase but this is all we can promise – the rest is your job to check.